The Ancient Serristori Pharmacy in Figline Valdarno, was founded in 1399 by Ser Ristoro of Jacopo Serristori. Originally born as a pilgrimage hospital and subsequently transformed into a true hospital, the Spedale Serristori grew up in the following years until 1890 when it was transferred to the present Villa of San Cerbone, just outside the historic center.

In the villa of San Cerbone there is still the ancient Serristori Pharmacy.


The Pharmacy is furnished with drawers and shelves dating back to the sixteenth century and enriched with some portraits. This shelves contain ceramic materials and 18th Century glass officinal vases. Some of these still retain residual materials and various chemical compounds, labeled with care.


Most ceramic containers from the 16th and 17th centuries come from Montelupo while other containers come from Figline, Impruneta and Deruta.
Very characteristic is the large drawer that is on the right side entering the Pharmacy. It was used to contain all the herbs and medicinal substances that were used, each cassette is provided with the name of the content. Inside the chest of drawers there is also a hidden safe wich was used for containing poison.


The ancient Serristori Pharmacy cannot be visited freely but only by reservation or during special events. For further information, please contact the Incisa and Figline Valdarno Culture Office.